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BIG lunch – BIG thankyou!

A message from Mark Sutton and Dave Fowle to say A HUGE thanks to all those who came along and volunteered to help make this event a reality for our community – we were so happy to see so many people arriving early and staying late to get the job done, even with the sweat inducing high viz’s!

We think numbers were probably down a bit due to the football (note t0 self: check sports calendars next time!), but it was still really well attended with the numbers on Molesworth Street topping out at around 400.

The event itself ran really smoothly, for which we have received compliment after compliment from non-WCC organisers and attendees. This was thanks to the WCC team: the design (Molly) and the putting-up-of (Sue Clipsham) the posters; the sound techs and stage managers of Chris Watts, Steve Jenkins, Justin Heasman, James Penfold – a sometimes difficult job – ‘artists’ can be such divas(!!); the Green room team headed up by Mark and Val Burnell who took complete ownership of that and epitomised that wonderful “we’ll do whatever you want” attitude; Jacqui White and the team manning the WCC  / Foodbank stand – we all know how that group always go the extra mile; and finally the humpers and dumpers who were there at 9am setting up tables, chairs, gazebos, PA equipment, bunting and breaking the same down until 7pm – too many names to mention here (I fear I’ll forget someone) – a huge thanks to you!

Along with our ministries like Foodbank, Loaves and Fishes, Little Acorns, CAP etc doing these kind of events tells our community that we love and care about them which is a strong witness and part of our vision to reach deeper into our local community – so one last time, thank you again and may our Lord be glorified through these works!

Love and Blessings

Mark & Dave

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