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Church & Big Lunch on 23rd / 24th June

Hi All,
Things are really coming together on the Big Lunch, which is on Sunday 24th June. We’re excited to be taking a pivotal role in this great local event, allowing us to reach out into our community.

The Sunday is going to involve big setup effort in the morning followed by the running of the event throughout the afternoon and with a pack up from around 5pm. In order to facilitate that setup in the morning we want to be able to ‘deploy’ WCC legs and arms, and as such there will be no service in the morning of the 24th, instead we will be having a service at 6:30pm on the evening before, Saturday 23rd.

A few WCC folks have been approached to help with the pivotal roles of sound tech, stage management & green room hosting, but we are going to need more, so when we come asking please consider sacrificing this day for your local community – it’s only one day after all 🙂

Thanks and be blessed,
Dave F and Mark S

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