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Frequently asked questions:

What can I expect if I am visiting?

A warm, friendly welcome. People who have visited us for the first time say that they loved the warm and friendly way in which they were welcomed.

Our Sunday morning service starts at 10am, but we’d recommend you get there a little before that to find your seat, get settled and listen to any of the event notices that week. Generally, we start with some music, led by our band, followed by a message from the Bible. At the end, there is often a time where you can pray, be prayed for or sit quietly and reflect. The service finishes at approximately 11:30am.

Afterwards, we have tea and freshly ground coffee in The Basement – come join us and say hi.

I am nervous about visiting for the first time, could someone meet me?

Yes – we totally understand it can be a little nerve-wracking coming to a new place for the first time. Use the ‘Contact us’ page to ask someone to meet you, and we will make sure you’re met at the door,shown around and introduced to some people at coffee time.

I don’t know anything about church, can I still come and visit you?

Of course! Contrary to popular belief, there are no dress codes (we are very informal), entrance exams or prerequisites for attendance. You are welcome to join us regardless of where you’ve come from, what you’ve done, how old (or young) you are or what you think you might believe.

I have done some things that I know I think the church says is wrong, can I still come to church?

Yes, absolutely. The Bible tells us that Jesus came for everyone, and that everyone can meet God, be forgiven for the wrong things that they’ve done and have a new life with Him, regardless of what has happened in their life. The Bible tells us that everyone is loved and accepted by God. None of us are perfect, Christian or not. You’d be surprised at the stories some of us here have to tell.

Can I bring my children with me?

We’d love you to.  We have lots of families and children in our church and children of all ages are more than welcome. For more information on the groups we run for children and young people, and what to expect, please click here.

Do you have a child protection policy?

We most certainly do. The safety of children and young people is of paramount importance to us. All of our children’s/youth workers workers are DBS checked and recruited according to the Churches Child Protection Advisory Service standards.

Do you celebrate Communion together?

We do. Remembering Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross and what that means for us is fundamental to what we believe. Sometimes we take Communion in church on a Sunday morning, sometimes in our mid-week K’nect groups and sometimes at our whole church prayer meetings.

Do I have to give any money?

Nope. Absolutely not. Your giving is 100% percent between you and God. Having said that, if you are attending WCC regularly and want to contribute to the vision of the church in a tax-effective way, please see one of the leadership team for more information on registering for Gift Aid.  This lets us claim back an extra 25% on any donations you make from the Government (if you pay tax). If you would like to see a copy of our annual accounts and what the money we are given gets spent on, these are also available from the leadership team or online at the Charity Commission website.

How do I become a Partner?

If you have been coming to WCC regularly, can accept our statement of faith and wish to become a partner, please talk to one of the leadership team. We have around 80 partners at WCC and we enjoy being church together.

Do you have Baptisms?

We do, it’s what Jesus tells us we should do as believers. If you have not been baptised by full immersion in water and would like to be, please talk to one of our leadership team. For babies and children, we hold dedication services, preferring to let people make the decision to be baptised when they are old enough to make the decision for themselves.

Do you run a counselling service?

We have links to local Christian counsellors that we can pass on to you. Please speak to us and we will try and help.

Can I ask for someone to visit me?

Of course. We have a “welcome card” which asks for your details including requesting a visit. Please give this to someone who is on the welcome team or to someone behind the bar at coffee time and it will be passed on to the pastoral team.

I’ve got questions about Christianity…

Great! We’d love to chat these through with you and will do our best to answer them. A great way to explore Christianity is the Alpha Course -find out when the next course is running and come along.

Anything else?

If you think of anything else that we haven’t covered here, please contact us. We’ll try our best to help.