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WCC do Big Lunch – we need a team

Hi all,
Following the Vision evening last Wednesday, where we talked about deepening community involvement, we received an email notifying us that Creation fest would no longer be able to facilitate the Big Lunch in Wadebridge. This would seem like a door being opened into our community, a great opportunity!
So for those that weren’t in church yesterday: we want to say ‘yes’ to this, but we will need a committed team to make this happen. Can you help?

I read out the somewhat daunting list of tasks – and thankfully Mark Sutton, who is a bit of pro at this kind of thing, has agreed to take the lead (with me as a deputy!) so we’re in safe hands.

BUT this has to be and should be a WCC team effort – so I’m asking for volunteers who can help with the various tasks in the run up to the event and then obviously we’ll need a big church effort over the weekend itself – collecting and putting up tables, chairs, staging, decoration etc etc. The actual date is yet to be confirmed (normally the weekend before the Show) – but even if you’re not there that weekend please put your name fwd to help anyway in the run up.

So drop me a note at or 07841581171 to let me know if you can help as soon as possible (in the next couple of days), so that we can get back to the chamber of commerce to let them know whether we can do it. I’m hoping that we can make this happen! 🙂

Thanks and blessings,


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